wild ones

Do you know where you wild side hides?
Do you want to play with the wild ones in the woods?
And are you sure about that?

Ever since we discovered photographer Charles Fréger’s stunning book, Wildermen, we’ve been on the search of the wild ones. These mythical and often menacing carnival creatures can be found all over Europe and beyond. Generally their function is to keep us all in check, by testing and challenging the norms of society.

We’re celebrating the re-emergence of the wild man and wild woman as truly dynamic icons.  Not only are folk and fairytale littered with these vital archetypes (the crone, the hermit, Baba Yaga, Iron Hans, Circe, Tatterhood, Bearskin, Santa Claus…), but illness, homelessness, solitude, bereavement, and even pandemic lockdown has the potential to cast any ordinary human being into the wilderness…

In 2017 we created Wild Ones as a Late Spectacular event for the Wellcome Collection attended by over 2,100 people over just four hours. Next up, a festival – watch this space…