THe nitty gritty

what is the fabularium?

The Fabularium is our touring storytelling venue. It’s what is known as a ‘neo-yurt’: basically a really lovely, beautifully made, whacking great tent, with a stage for the performer and seating for the audience. It seats about 115 people, on chairs and stools and is quite simply a fabulous place to spend time listening to stories. The Fabularium was designed and built by world-renowned yurt maker Hal Wynne Jones. You’ll like it. We promise!


From [date] to [date] you’ll find us [xxxx]. You won’t be able to miss us! Here’s a map

Lots of buses stop nearby. Buggies are welcome (for family shows!), wheelchairs are welcome, and if you can’t find a space to park your bike, then we’ll try to help. Parking xxxx/ carparks car park are both close.


Ticket prices range from £x to £x, depending on the show. Tickets are on sale through [ticket link]. Once the festival begins there will be a box office open on site from 10am daily. Tickets will be on sale until they sell out, or the show starts.

Tickets are non-refundable, so if you have spares, give them to a friend and make their day!


There’s a basic bar in the Fabularium, serving simple tipples and soft drinks from around 6pm each evening. The bar is only for people who have tickets to see Fabularium shows (sorry!).


If you fancy a coffee, a cuppa, or a bite to eat, then xxxx is surrounded by good places for snacks and meals. Our favourites are xxxx. We don’t mind you bringing drinks and a snack into the Fabularium (no rustling please), but please don’t bring a whole pizza, bag of chips, or your Sunday lunch – it makes everyone else hungry and means we have to hoover even more than usual!

Age limits

We put recommended age limits on our shows for the sake of our listeners; our performers and other audience members. Please check each show listing for its age limit.


We’ll have a couple of toilets at the Fabularium, which are those lovely portaloo things. We keep them nice and clean – we promise!

Public loos are nearby at xxxx The Fabularium crew will make sure you know the way.



yes, no, maybe. local campsites, local suggestions.