Plays to See

Founded in 1989 by world-class performance storyteller and sector pioneer, Ben Haggarty, today we are the UK’s busiest and boldest performance storytelling programmer and promoter.

We create exuberant, intelligent, wild, weird and wonderful events in Bristol, Dorset, London, across the UK, that draw people from all walks of life into a shared experience and the stunning content of international fairytale, folktale, myth and epic.

Our legendary live events and our amazing audiences are at the heart of what we do. Featuring world-class performance storytellers and the very best new talent,  our annual public programme of shows, festivals, and residencies can be found in theatres, at festivals, in castles, caves, village halls, rose gardens and derelict warehouses. 

We create worlds in the imaginations of our audiences.

what we're up to

Our Earthouse audiences spill the beans about the stories they love and why they come to our

Encounter the wild men, wild women, wild children and wild others who populate our myth, fairytale, popular culture and the human psyche itself.

Performance storytellers talk about their lives, their influences and their art.

In generous Covid-style, Ben Haggarty, gives free access to extracts from the Secret Art of the Storyteller…

Our legendary events, tours, residencies and festivals in London, Bristol, Dorset and elsewhere. 

Our touring summer festival of fairytales for grown-ups & myths for kids in the beautiful tented

Recordings of live shows from the archives, providing soul food for the nation during the isolation and beyond…

our team

Ben Haggarty

artistic director

After dinner DJ, in-the-bath thinker, horn-blower and Fairytale-teller-extraordinaire, Ben is why we are all here. You’ll find him on stage, leading our artist development programmes, and wrangling performers and audiences at our shows. 

kate norgate

Programme Manager & producer

Junk shop rummager, indiscriminate gardener and optimistic cook – Kate is our extreme-good-ideas-haver who makes everything happen.  You’ll find her up a ladder, running the box office, and lurking in the dark at the back of the theatre. 

Laura Sampson

Marketing & Audience Development Manager / Digital Producer

Noh performer, singer and queen of charity shop clothes shopping – Laura does all the hard work that tells you that we exist and that buying a ticket or two would be a good thing to do. You’ll find her penning press-releases and at the controls of our social media. 

our board

Diverse in all directions, they say yes to the good ideas and no to the bad ones. They guide and give, and we love them dearly.

Joshua Wiskey

Artist, painter, word games creator, Director of BabbleINK Ltd, general fixer of problems and life-long Crick Crack Club supporter.

Jen Pearcy-edwards

Lovely human. 

kate norgate

Another lovely human.

Laura Sampson

Another lovely human.


We are eternally grateful to those who fund our work now and in the past - most importantly the public who buy tickets to our events, without whom we would be worthless!